Our Comfort Zone – what is it? The words are obvious. It is “that place” where we feel comfortable, right? So why can’t we stay there longer? Why does it consistently change? Why are we pushed out of that zone when it is comfortable and cosy?

I started asking these questions when I began practicing yoga. I remember my teachers always saying: “To transform and change you need to move out of your comfort zone.” Back then, I was resistant. I didn’t want to get out. I liked where I was.

Thinking more about “that place”, I had doubts and noticed that many things in my life felt different. The environment and the events, my body and mindset, even the people, have since changed. Then it hit me – “that place” was no longer my zone of comfort. It was shocking to realize that it was a zone of half-comfort; even discomfort. Immediately, I wanted to change, to move on and to find “that place” again – the zone where I felt comfortable in myself.

No one ever leaves their real comfort zone. If we are genuinely happy and content we try to stay there as long as possible; we need encouragement to leave. It may be that we feel a little something, an impulse from within, an article or someone’s challenging words that pushes us to take the bold step to leave the place which is outdated and no longer relevant. The realisation means we will move on easily, in search of a new, real, fresh comfort zone that will satisfy us.

What is your real comfort zone? It’s “that place” were you are most happy. The real comfort zone is YOU. YOU are the happiness that you are looking for. YOU are the satisfaction you lack. YOU need to love and be proud of yourself!

How does one develop this realization? I looked at it as follows:

My Body
My body, my temple… Time and again, my comfort zones were changing monthly, weekly, sometimes even daily. I had bad patches when my body was falling to pieces and I felt lost and unhappy. I had good times when my body was healing itself and getting in shape. When it comes to my body, no-one else has the power; I am in total control of my Comfort Zone.

My Life
We have many things to be thankful for. Perhaps, it is a good job, education, salary, home, family etc. If we are unhappy, however, we have three choices: 1) leave that environment and start over, 2) change something in that environment and adapt to the new change, or 3) do nothing. It took me years to learn the only real options are 1) and/or 2). Doing nothing will result in unhappiness. I opted to take responsibility and move out, ratherthan stay and waste my time. Life is worth living every second and every moment joyfully and happily.
My Yoga Yoga taught me to be honest, brave and truthful with myself. It taught me to surrender and trust my body. Regular practice showed me that my attitudes and vision constantly shifted; it transformed me! New energy patterns developed and less effort was needed to perform poses with correct alignment. I started to seek different challenges, growth and improvement. So, again, my comfort zones proved to be temporary and it was I who decided what to do next – stay or keep moving on!
My Career My business encounters taught me the greatest lesson: “If you do not enjoy what you do and are not happy doing your job, there is no comfort zone. It is time to detach and move on.” I admit, I was scared to take the first step and leave my secure career as a successful financial consultant, for the unknown world of being a full-time yoga teacher. Now, I am so happy! I finally listened to my heart after neglecting my inner voice for so long.
My Mindset It took time to realize that comfort zones resulting from external circumstances or people who surround me, are not bad; they are however only temporary. My real comfort zone can only be attributed to me. Everything around and inside of me is consistently changing; my body changes every day, my mindset and attitude changes every time I meditate and live my life mindfully, my perception and understanding is different from what it used to be a month, a week or even a day ago. I am my only comfort zone!

We constantly evolve and transform. However, there is only one part of us that stays unchanging – our True Self (Our Soul which is directly connected to the Divine). It is only when we connect to that sacred place, to our True Self, that we find “that place”, our real comfort zone of peace, love and harmony that we can carry throughout our life unchanged.

With love,


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