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Debbie Crank in Dubai - Inspire Yoga Pilates And Fitness

Debbie Crank

Debbie has been involved in the Fitness and Wellness Industry for 30 years.

Originally Teaching Dance and Group Exercise sessions in England, Caribbean and the Middle East. Her love of Yoga developed 14 years ago, originally to enhance her other fitness disciplines, but she soon began to feel and see the benefits as through the practice she became more Mindful, Aware and Conscious of life and its possibilities. As such she began to feel more content, balanced and happy.

Debbie loves to connect with her class participants, always offering options and adaptions to the Asanas, encouraging the individuals to challenge themselves, but also recognizing when it is OK to take a step back without feeling guilty Debbie also feels the importance of giving adjustments in the poses and postures, so that the best benefit can be had by the practitioner. Expect Debbie’s class to be flowing, energetic, challenging, but also kind and nourishing to the body and soul.

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