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Shred 10 Challenge

SHRED 10 at Inspire starts June 12


Many of you are looking for ways to tone up so you look and feel great all year long. Due to busy schedules, sometimes drastically changing your diet permanently is out of the question. We’ve come up with a quick and healthy way for you to detox and get your body feeling GREAT.

It’s called the 10 Day Shred and we think you are capable of doing ANYTHING for 10 Days!

What exactly would your 10 day plan consist of?

The rules:
* Gluten free, dairy free and caffeine free for 10 Days.

* Eat your Juice Plus trio of Orchard, Garden and Vineyard Blend in a capsule.

* Eat Clean. 1-2 healthy meals and clean snacks.

* Drink two Juice Plus Complete shakes a day ad a meal to lose weight, as a snack to maintain and detox.

What next?

Call us to order your juiceplus fruits, veggies and berries trio and your shakes. They will arrive in about 5-7days!

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