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Hatha Pop-up Workshop

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The "Yoga of Alignment and Precision" Workshop
By Eva Mainwaring-Tarlor

Mondays October 16th,23rd and 30th

The workshop is about paying close attention to the details and alignment of each posture. 

This practice dramatically improves our awareness of the poses. It has a huge transformative potential - for your yoga practice, health and mind. 

This yoga gives us what we need (which might be different to what we are used to). 
It might feel different or challenging. However, this is what makes us grow. 

What benefits can one expect?

  • Significant increase in flexibility and strength (with regular practice)
  • A calmer mind
  • Pain relief, improved posture, and therapeutic effects
  • Practice that is accessible for everybody - whether young, old, weak, strong, a beginner or experienced practitioner - through the tailored use of props 
  • Learning and improving the foundations and quality of asana practice

What to expect?

  • Slower tempo 
  • Close attention to the details of poses
  • Safe and correct alignment 
  • Practice tailored to individual ability
  • Challenge. Physical and mental. 

INVESTMENT: One Class 95
Three Session : 225

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