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Aroma Yoga ® Yin & Restorative Class

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Aroma Yoga ® Yin & Restorative Class
By Lizel Cameron

Wednesday 10:30am - 12nn & 8:00pm - 9:15pm
Saturday        5:45pm - 07:00pm

Imagine yourself laying comfortably on the mat and feeling the healing energy of someone’s palms over you while the powerful yet calming scent of Valor essential oil grounds your body and stills your mind.  

Next you are guided through a series of exercises to simply observe your breathing and integrate those alongside yoga-inspired mindful movements that take you even deeper.

By coupling Youngliving essential oils with meditation, mindful movement, special breathing exercises, restorative yoga and energy balancing such as Reiki, an already powerful go-to resource is up-leveled into a dynamic tool for self-care and gives you a way to further serve your family, friends, community, and patients. 

The premise of this holistic healing program aims to relieve stress improve sleep and be resource for avoiding burnout. All things we and our loved ones deal with far too much in today’s fast paced and demanding lifestyles. 

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