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Yoga Master Class

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February Yoga Master Class teaching will be all around the INNER POWER that resides in our solar plexus area. The term “solar plexus” actually means seat of the soul and solar network. Our solar plexus is part of feeling psychic center, where we can feel vulnerable, and where we can tune into non-verbal knowingness, i.e. ”my gut tells me”. At our solar plexus, we go deep into midnight emotions that operate on darkness. The emotions at our solar plexus are like a very deep river or the bottom of the sea. They reveal the invisible energies and powers of the evolutionary flowing polarity of our soul.

Specifically, it is our solar plexus that we get in touch with and befriend our inner lions of anger, fear, and sadness that guard the gate to our heart. It is by bringing unconscious emotional forces into consciousness and by transmuting these often-intimidating energies into powerful allies that we liberate our True Inner Power and open our heart.

The BENEFITS of the Yoga Master Class:
* you will learn how to safely try and experience a new advanced peak pose or complex of asanas under the supervision of the Master Trainer, 
* you will learn new yoga asanas,
* you will learn how to work with and how to carefully open targeted areas,
* you will understand the principles, alignment, safety points, targeted areas and necessary preparations,
* you will be able to ask general, personal practice, yoga and anatomy related question,
* and much more.



Natalia’s introduction to yoga happened 17 years ago when she came to Turkey for her studies through the book that inspired her to start practicing Yoga. She is E-RYT 500 and YACEP Trainer with over 11 years of yoga experience and over 8 years/6,000 hours of experience in teaching yoga in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga styles. She teaches in a thought provoking ways letting the students to reach beyond the limits of their mind and body while experiencing the joy of being present and in balance. Being energy sensitive and a light worker, she has an amazing way of understanding students various needs and is helping them to achieve their goals. Her main goal in teaching is to help all her students experience the joy of wholeness by bringing them into balance, physically, mentally and emotionally. She inspires people to find the enjoyment, harmony and meaning in their lives. Her teachings and classes are suitable for all levels and challenging not only physically but also mentally.

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