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Jacob Manning ( Master Class and Inversion Workshops)

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Jacob Manning.


I am a well known yoga teacher in California. 

I specialize in arm balance and inversions and would love to teach multiple

 2 1/2 - 3hour workshops in your location. I have a great selection of music that I use to fit the unique style of my teachings in each class.

I am starting my journey in teaching yoga all around the world and absolutely love your studio. Not only do I want to teach but I also want to make connections with yogis everywhere I go. I constantly have my followers asking when I am coming to their country to teach and I'm finally pulling the trigger to travel and teach. Filling my workshops will not be hard at all.  I have a great following of amazing yogis all around the world from my social media platform Instagram and would love to showcase my experience teaching Zen Yoga students. 



I was born and raised in a small town in Northern California. Inner turmoil, a failed baseball career and a battle with the disease of addiction led me to start practicing yoga. It became my new addiction, and I began teaching in 2013. Inspired by movement and with a background in sports, I have a unique way of weaving together hatha, philosophy and pranayama. Creative sequencing and anatomy based alignment create a space to deepen the inner connection. I am currently teaching workshops, classes and retreats. I am passionate about spreading my love for yoga and helping others in their journey by sharing my own.


Forever Strong: An intensive arm balance, inversion and backbend workshop.


Day one 

Arm Balance Intelligence - A combination of scapular and bent elbow strength poses. On the first day of this workshop, students will learn the proper muscles to engage during plank pose. This is beneficial for strengthening the muscles that are essential for the inversions and arm balances that will be taught.  After establishing a strong foundation, we will work our way into arm balances, and preparation for one arm balances.  Students will learn the techniques needed to transition from one arm balance to another fliuidly. 


Day 2

Inversion breakdowns - On day two we will jump right into inversions. Students will be given the proper technique needed to master headstand, handstand and four arm stand. Students will not only learn the technique but also tools so that they can feel comfortable and confident upside down. We will work our way into the press handstand. 


Day 3

Back bend progression-On the third day we will work on back bends. Students will learn different variations of back bends and how to perform them safely. Students will be given the tools and techniques to safely invert their back bends. This day will give students more confidence in their ability to safely attempt new and advanced back bends. 



What To Expect In Jacobs Classes:

A strong flow of connective sequences that are broken down in a way that anyone of any skill level can understand and comprehend. In his classes, he uses music to form a rhythm which makes getting into the flow a lot easier for his clients. Jacob use intelligence and alignment of the body to make sure everyone is pushing themselves but also being safe and having fun. You will sweat yet also learn more than just yoga poses. He uses different kinds of core stability and advance movements to make sure all of his clients are progressing in there asana practice.




Thursday 7th of June

Master Class for all levels  

90 minutes 7:00-8:30pm  


Friday 8th of June

Master Class Intermediate level

90 minutes 1030am-12pm


Arm balance Intelligence  

3 Hours 2:00-5:00pm


Saturday 9th of June

Inversion Breakdown

2.5 Hours 10:30am -1:00pm

Backbend Progressions

3 hours 2:00-5pm





Early Bird (Payment received by May 6th)

Masterclass AED 200
Single Session workshop AED 300
Teacher’s Toolbox AED 350
All 4 sessions (excluding Teacher’s Toolbox) AED 950
All 5 sessions (including Teacher’s Toolbox) AED 1260


Masterclass AED 250
Single Session AED 350
Teacher’s Toolbox AED 400
All 4 sessions (excluding Teacher’s Toolbox) AED 1150
All 5 sessions (including Teacher’s Toolbox) AED 1480



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