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Full Moon Celestial Sound Bath

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Full Moon Celestial Sound Bath

A Pink Moon is upon us this 29th April. It falls in Libra, and is a powerful day to shift and let go of old issues and patterns. 2018 is a magical year and April has been a pivotal month of awakening and transformation for many! Last day of the month, as we enter spring is an invitation to use these full moon energies to help us dive into the themes of relationships and communication. It will bring up old issues to be cleared and resolved and Pink moon energy will be super helpful if you are ready to dive deeper and let go! Letting go creates space for the new to arrive!

Join Meetu, on the 3rd May, for a powerful Full Moon Sound Journey  to harness the powerful Moon energies which last for over 3 days before and after full moon night! Her Sound healing is an invitation to allow sound vibrations and healing energy to work at a deep cellular level to heal DNA patterning, release old patterns, feel light and lifted, as well as relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated!

This Sound Journey is a special offering from Meetu, as she brings all her healing instruments, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Traditional Tibetan Gongs, Chakra Crystal bowls, Shamanic Drums, Rattles, chimes, Ocean drums, rainstick, hand pan, bells and other equipment to create a magical symphony of higher vibrations of Love and Joy!

Come Join in for a magical evening!

Where: Inspire Yoga Pilates

Date: 3rd May

Time: 7:30pm- 9:00pm

Investment : free gathering.

About Meetu

Spiritual Healer and Teacher

Meetu is a naturally gifted Spiritual Healer.


She is a proponent of Love and believes Love is the highest vibration that brings, happiness, wholeness and wellbeing. Energy is everything and it can be used to heal and transform lives on a daily basis.


Through her own journey of struggle, loss and pain, she embraced the process of healing and transformation into higher vibrations of Love, Joy and Happiness! Through this personal journey of self-discovery and self-development, Meetu learnt to break through the limiting beliefs and repetitive karmic patterns that kept her from achieving her true potential of love, joy, success, peace and harmony on all levels.


Meetu has helped hundreds of clients, across cultures and various nationalities to heal and transform their lives and live an empowered life. She teaches Self-Empowerment and Self-initiation to her clients by tapping into their inner wisdom and innate healing powers instead of giving power away to anything external.

She has studied extensively under various teachers and masters, learning many healing techniques and modalities, such as Yoga, Taoism, Modern Energy Healing modalities Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Energy in Motion, Sound Healing, Color Therapy, Access Consciousness, Shamanism, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and many more.

Through Her connection to the Spirit and gifts, she offers energy transmissions and initiations into various self-healing tools and techniques! She uses various ancient Sound healing instruments and energy tools to alleviate physical ailments, emotional wounding and bringing about balance, harmony and joy on all levels of being!


She is committed to inspiring and bringing about life changing transformations, Empowerment and Embodiment of Higher Consciousness to as many people as she can, by sharing her wisdom through her first-hand life experiences, combined with her spiritual gifts of healing and energy transmissions.



In her words, "Spiritual Journey is a process of going inwards, to the self, from the self… that is where the real process of transformation and healing begins’!










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