You are invited to a unique yoga event at Gate Avenue. Heighten your senses and unwind with an evening of wellness and relaxation. Disconnect from the rush, reconnect and reclaim your power to better health. Event is free and spots are limited, register soon.

Complimentary parking will be available at the Gate Avenue parking only.


4pm-Registration desk opens
5pm– Introduction to the event
5.10pm– Importance of gut health talk by nutritionist from Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre
5.30pm– Yin Yang yoga starting with breathing exercise and meditation
6.45pm– Sound bath with Aromatherapy
7.15pm– End of yoga

We’re so excited to host the wonderful Tymi at Inspire!

Join us for a weekend (September 5 to 7, 2019) of informative and fun workshops that will take your practice to the next level!

Tymi is offering 5 different workshop topics. Participants are welcome to attend all workshops, or select the workshops the are most interested in.

TYMI HOWARD 500 E-RYT is an International Yoga Teacher, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Owner of Guruv Yoga Studios in the United States. Pioneering the Vinyasa and Yin Yoga movement not only in Central Florida, but throughout mainland China, Asia, and Indonesia. Tymi is dedicated to inspiring people to discover their life’s purpose through the art of yoga.
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Instagram: @inspireyogadxb

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Early Bird Rate: AED 1250 until August 7th.

Investment: AED 450/workshop | AED 1500 full weekend


Thursday 5th of September:
6:30PM to 8:30PM – MANIFEST! “Malas, Mantra, Mediation & Sankalpa!”

*All Levels Welcome / Hours good for CE’s with Yoga Alliance & THY 200/300Hr TT 

Sankalpa (Sanskrit: संकल्प) means an intention formed by the heart and mind — a solemn vow, determination, or will.

What is the primary purpose of your life? You will learn to align fully with what is happening in the present moment and discuss the ancient yogic concepts of Japa, Mantra, and Mediation and how to use them in your life today for health, healing and discovery of your life purpose (dharma). Release old thought patterns, limited beliefs, habits, and conditioning, and embrace the beauty of effortless being. Each student will receive their own Mala (from Bali Malas) along with Tymi’s “Mala’s Mantra, Meditation & Sankalpa” study guide packed with theory, philosophy, mantras, and worksheets. We will go over the meaning, symbolism, and significance of the 108 beads/seeds of the Mala. Practice will involve setting a personal sankalpa, cleansing, charging and using the mala for japa, mantra, and deep meditation.

This workshop involves lecture, discussion, mediation, japa, an open mind and brave heart.


Friday 6th of September: 
10AM to 12PM – Inversions for Beginners

*All Levels Welcome / Hours good for CE’s with Yoga Alliance & THY 200/300Hr TT

Let’s strip it down and focus our attention solely on being upside down. In this workshop, we will investigate a multitude of aspects that allow us to hold a safe and stable arm balance and headstand.  The feet, the hips, the core, the shoulder girdle, the wrists and hands all play an important role in getting and staying upside down. We’ll open, strengthen and integrate through an intelligent flow of foundational poses to build the strength and body awareness needed to fly. We may incorporate wall-work, partner work, and ultimately move towards solo flight. All levels are welcome. Variations and modifications will be given to beginners and frequent flyers alike.

Friday 6th of September 

2PM to 4PM – Hamstrings & Hips

*ALL LEVELS WELCOME/ Hours good towards CE’s with Yoga Alliance & THY 200/300 Teacher Trainings 

Get ready to take that leap… connecting to your inner “Super Hero” (Hanuman). You will learn how to intelligently and efficiently open the Hamstrings and Hips creating space and freedom in the body. Stirring up the Shakti and tapping into our most creative energy pool in the body! This vinyasa based practice will begin with a flowing standing sequence followed by a long juicy floor section. Be prepared to go 360 degrees around the hips and hamstrings.

Saturday 7th of September
10AM to 12PM – “Rock the Bhakti”

*All Levels Welcome / Hours good for CE’s with Yoga Alliance & THY 200/300Hr TT 

One of Tymi’s signature workshops, Rock the Bhakti is a celebration of Love, Service, and Devotion. A nondogmatic, Bhakti inspired vinyasa flow based workshop artfully sequenced to both contemporary and kirtan beats. Learn about some of the foundational Deities in the Bhakti tradition and then start to stoke your internal flame with a short kirtan (call and response) that will open you up to the very heart of your practice. Transitioning into asana, we will send out a direct message to the Universe that we are ready to take action, and responsibility as co-creators of our life story.  Learn how to intelligently and efficiently open the shoulders, chest, and spine to experience the power of the Anahata (Heart) Chakra. When the heart opens it literally becomes “unstruck” and we are able to experience the flow of unconditional love. Not to leave out the lower body, we will also dive into quad, psoas, hamstring, and hip releases. You will most definitely sweat, sing, laugh and when the spirit moves dance! 

Saturday 7th of September

2PM to 4PM – Heart Openers, Backbends & Variations

*ALL LEVELS WELCOME/ Hours good towards CE’s with Yoga Alliance & THY 200/300 Teacher Trainings 

Open up to the heart of your practice. Learn how to intelligently and efficiently open the shoulders, chest, heart and spine to experience the power of the Anahata Chakra. As our hearts open they literally become “unstruck” and we are able to experience the flow and grace of life as pure bliss. This vinyasa practice will include a flowing standing sequence, quad/ psoas release and then move into shoulder and heart opener variations. A loving, strong and powerful flowing practice.

All workshops will take place at Inspire Yoga+Pilates+Fitness. Kindly note that you will need to pre-book and your spot can only be confirmed upon receipt of payment

Join Lizel Cameron on the 12th of May for a very special afternoon of chanting and sound bath meditation!

Healing Chants at 4PM

Vedic Chants that envisage health and harmony for the entire human system both physical and subtle bodies to obtain long life, holistic health, clarity and stability.

Sound Bath Meditation at 5PM
Let sound find place in your mind & soul to relax, recharge and heal you from the innermost part of your being (your skin glowing is just one side benefit!).

This special event is FREE for everyone who is open minded and receptive. LIMITED TO 15 STUDENTS ONLY.

To register:
Call us on 04 3219771 or 052 777 6108
Book Here

Join Vanessa, Sarah and Mayassa on an amazing internal Yoga Journey.

A 90 minutes Yin-Yang Flow to improve self awareness, tolerance and empathy to oneself and others.

Did you know?
Before becoming a hotel in Dubai
• In July 1990, the Queen became the first reigning monarch to go on a voyage on a commercial liner with passengers.
• The ship carried around 2.5 million passengers in total – 70% of the current Dubai population
• Circumnavigated the globe a full 25 times
• It was the only ship to be awarded five stars for its accommodation by the RAC

Event Details

  • Pavilion Deck – QE2
  • Friday April 5th 2019
  • Limited Slots Only and participants must be 18years old and above
  • 8:00AM – 8:30AM: Registration at the dedicated desk located in the hotel lobby
  • 8:30AM – 9:00AM: Make your way to Pavilion Deck & prepare for session, using Yacht Club entrance on Upper Deck
  • 9:00AM – 10:30AM: Yin Yang Flow Yoga
  • 10:30AM – 11:00AM: Socialising with your other fellow participants

Please call Reception 04-321-9771 if you have not yet received your confirmation email.

Registration is CLOSED.

SAVE THE DATE! On January 30, we are having an “open house” day to celebrate the newly renovated studio, and classes all day are FREE. We invite you to join us and bring your loved ones along.

Please make sure you book your spot beforehand through the MindBody app. If you wish to attend more than one class, we kindly request that you sign up for 2 classes. A variety of classes will run throughout the day with your favorite instructors.

We also have a theme going for the open day, so if you’re keen on jumping in on the fun, dress up in a superhero costume! We have a few more exciting things in store for you on the day, brought to you by Tonic UAE, Fit ME Active, and Eat Clean ME.

We’re overwhelmed with excitement, and looking forward to welcoming you all at Inspire!

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