– More core strength and stability
– More core engagement
– Better balance and posture
– Lightness in asana practice
– More success in arm balances and inversions

Core stability and strength are essential for a healthy body. Better posture, better balance and preventing injury and back pain, all begin with a strong core. Fun, strong, sweaty practices and understanding complete core engagement to create powerful yoga postures are just some of the things to expect twice a week! Let’s get strong, let’s get stable, let’s grow full of confidence from the inside out!

Each week, we will do two practices under one theme. While the topic may be the same the sequences will differ based on the physical goal.

Will cover:
– Theory of equal and opposites
– Principle of adduction (Unlocking inner thigh strength)
– Understanding Banda engagement in hip and spine stabilization.
– Weight distribution in the feet and channeling strength

Will cover:
– Understanding the difference between the internal and external obliques
– Planks and Twists
– Yoga posture alignments that help you find more oblique engagement.
– Lower back and shoulder health

Will cover:
– The relationship of the breath and core to create lightness
– The relationship of the core and lower body to create flight
– The power of pushing the floor away to engage the belly
– Exploring different arm balance shapes that need different recruitment and different corestrengths

– The relationship between the core and lower body
– Core stability and Core strength. How they are different and equally important. Isolated drills for working both aspects.
– Working with the core upside down
– Handstands, headstands, forearm stands


with Farid Herrera

In this two hour workshop, students will be taken through a series of exercises to increase spine mobility and strength for back bends. Students will then learn different ways of integrating back bends into their movement practice. 

This will include: rotations into bridge, transitions from high bridge to low bridge, Macaco/Walkovers. 

When: Saturday 9th November 2019 – 13:00 till 15:00 


HIRO Moving Meditation Masterclass And on Anatomy (Twist Workshop)

Hiro Landazuri is coming to Dubai to lead a series of yoga workshops!
We are so excited to host Hiro in Dubai and we hope you’ll be part of this amazing experience.
Join us for a spectacular weekend on November 14 to 16, 2019.
Hiro has a very simple equation: Body Intelligence + Emotional Intelligence = Functional Flow

Thursday 14th November 6:00 to 8:30 PM – Moving Meditation Masterclass

Flow Masterclass

The purpose of our practice is to experience the unity of our mind, body and soul in a fluid and seamless flow state. For over a decade I cued “breath to movement.” After diving deeper into my meditation practice and making the breath the focus, I shifted to “movement to breath.” The physical practice became something different, it became alive, connected, and truly authentic to how I wanted to move and BE. This workshop taps into the deeper levels of our being, getting back in touch with our natural rhythms beyond the fear of “not enough”, beyond the fear of “looking different.” We will introduce creative transitions and reconnect with the inner freedom of self-expression and letting go found in a moving meditation. 

Friday 15th November  9:00 to 11:30 AM – A Twist on Anatomy

Body Mechanics

It is always easy to feel grounded and centred when life goes smoothly and is in alignment. The reality is that life is a series of twists and turns. How we show up in times when we feel constricted, twisted in knots, and out of alignment, is telling of how we will show up in life. In this workshop, we will practice finding center in our twisting asanas from seated, standing, as well as inversions. Master the twists on your mat to show you how you can stay centred and grounded through the twists of life.

Friday 15th November  1:00 to 3:30 PM – Bend the Spoon

Flow Masterclass

We all want to give and receive love, but what we really want is to be loved for who we authentically are. When our hearts are closed, we don’t express our full self and therefore, we limit what we allow into our lives: we limit our careers, our relationships, and our love that we want to spread and share. We will reconnect with ourselves and our authenticity through opening our hearts in a flow that revolves around backbends. As we open up the frontline of our body, we will embrace the power of vulnerability in our heart. As we flow through these asanas and open up, we will create a path that explores backbends in a liberating way to speak into the limitless possibilities in all areas of our lives.

Saturday 16th November  9:00 to 11:30 AM – Functional Float Flow

Flow Masterclass

The way I was taught new yoga poses (as with just about all of us) was to keep trying the same pose over and over until we mastered it. But what if there was a more efficient way to get to the same result? Someone once said “We are all headed towards our ‘true North’ in this world. It’s just that most of us go South and take the long way around to get there.” In this master class, we will flow progressively into more involved transitions and postures to increase consistency and ease in moving in and out of the arm balances and inversions throughout our practice.

Saturday 16th November 1:00 to 3:30 PM – Social Media & Yoga: the New Business Card (Social Media Marketing Workshop)

YTT Module

When I started teaching yoga, the way to gain exposure to share my passion was through posters on a light pole or on a bulletin board in a grocery store. We live in a time where no one is glancing at billboards on the street, magazine ads, or commercials anymore. We’re all looking at our phones: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat. The reality is we love what we do and we feel like we have something of value to offer the world. This module gives insight into how to use social media to share more of what we love with more people. Even making a career out of sharing our passion through social media is possible. Regardless of how any of us might feel about social media, the one thing it has done is create possibility. And where there is possibility, there’s always a way to turn that into a probability.

AED 1,500 for all workshops
AED 450/workshop
To book your spot, please call us 04 321 9771

Check out Action Hiro on Instagram: @actionhiro

With 2 morning classes per week, slowly build up and have a good foundation for your practice.

For the 1st three months, we will be practicing half of the Ashtanga Primary Series and new poses will be added every week until we can complete the entire series.

Learn the Sanskrit counting, Sanskrit and English name of the poses, Vinyasa Count, Opening & Closing Mantras, Bandhas, and Drishti with proper Sanskrit pronunciation.

Handouts will be given. This class cum workshop will empower you to have your own practice, explore, and go deeper into the Ashtanga method. Practice on your own on other days or **attend Inspire’s Ashtanga Led classes.

 You should have at least practiced Ashtanga Primary Series for 6 months. If not, contact Lizel at 0555438310 or cameron.lizel@gmail.com

Time: 6-715 AM – Asana Practice / *715-730 AM – Lecture 

Days: Every Mondays & Wednesdays starting May onwards (except May 14, 16, 21)

For: Members with existing package and Drop-Ins Beginners or Regular Practitioners

 *Optional. For those who can stay only and have no commitments. We highly recommend that you stay for the lecture specially for beginners. After 6 months, no lecture anymore and we will be practicing the complete Primary Series for 90 minutes. Questions are welcome of course!

 **As per your existing package or pay drop-in rate