Anand Shekhar.

Yoga Teacher

“I believe that one who can live in moments and spreads love and laughter is a Yogi. Love and joy is our natural state but we create innumerable obstacles in their free flow. Yoga is a methodology to eradicate physical, mental, emotional and energetical garbage, so that our well-being Is restored”

My Yoga classes has effects on many layers of individuality.


I am very committed to teaching right alignment of Yoga- postures. Correct alignment creates a free flow of Prana and Energy. Alignment-based Yoga has the least risk of injury. Practicing Yoga postures with correct alignment helps students to go deeper in their poses with minimum discomfort.


In order to align the postures, students need to pay attention to the instructions and focus on the practice. This keeps the students involved and crystallized. Thus my Yoga classes are a powerful tool to build up high level of concentration.


I emphasize on keeping deep and non-reactive breathing throughout the class.

Breath is directly related to the state of mind.

It is natural to get disturbed in intense moments, However a man who knows how to control ®ulate the breath can maintain calmness and equanimity.

Breath also facilitates the Prana ( vital life force). Thus! if a student can keep the breath non-reactive, he would be super energized during and after the class.


When the body is aligned! The mind is focused! Breath is deep! and flow of Prana is regulated! An individual naturally feels ecstatic, tranquil and loving because these qualities are natural to every being as we all are connected in this undivided existence.

This state brings the glimpses of our true nature.


Once an individual gets these glimpses, an unspoken trust towards existence dawns. One feels unconditional joy as if the whole being is showered in grace.

One’s very aura starts radiating light. He loses this benediction very soon as old patterns rebound again and again. However! He is only one class away to reclaim the glory of his being.

Om Shanti!