Emilia Metaireau.

Yoga Teacher

Emilia is originally from the South of France, she has recently brought her yoga practice from London to Dubai.

Emilia teaches a vibrant and challenging class with an intention to build strength and flexibility in the body, and also to create space and perspective in the mind.

With a focus on feeling the sensations within a pose rather than making a shape, Emilia’s classes encourage you to move more deeply, freely, and mindfully.

Be prepared to build heat while you recharge your mind, purify your body and shift your awareness to where you are in the moment. We open the practice with a short meditation to calm the breathe and set an intention, and then make our way towards a moving meditation with some static core-driven holds and playful inversions. We then cool down with longer holds to build flexibility, followed by an extended Savasana to relax and absorb the benefits of the practice.

Class is always open and welcoming to all levels.