Yoga Teacher

Eun Seong’s yoga journey has been one of personal growth and to find peace outside of her comfort zone. Growing up in Korea, she wasn’t much of an athlete. She found yoga in 2005 and practiced Hatha for about 5 years, which had built a solid foundation for her yoga practice.

Eun Seong started attending Bikram Yoga classes when she moved to NYC, which gave her a sense of strength and peace in the overwhelming rat race of the Big Apple.

It didn’t take her long to figure out that she wanted to share her experience with others too, so Eun Seong left her job as a paralegal and embarked on the journey to become a Yoga Teacher in the Fall of 2012.

After graduation, Eun Seong traveled for 3 years to teach and learn from people in so many places in the world until she settled in Dubai.

She believes that yoga truly benefits you, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. She has never felt stronger while experiencing a sense of calm and inner peace. Yoga has helped her find her true self and has changed her perspective to cope with challenging circumstances.
Eun Seong teaches Hot Yoga at Inspire. Her favorite yoga pose is Standing Bow Pulling Pose, also known as Dandayamana Dhanurasana in Sanskrit. Her most challenging pose is handstand, which she has been working hard on lately.
Most cherished memory throughout your journey at Inspire: When students share how yoga practice benefits them individually.
What Eun Seong loves most about Inspire: strong community, hard work and dedication from all students whether they are new or regular
Motto/words she lives by: Everything in moderation, slow and steady wins the race.
An interesting fact about Eun Seong: she studied fine art and lived as an artist in Korea, worked as an immigration paralegal in NYC, traveled as a Bikram yoga instructor all over the world for 3 years, and… now settled and enjoying yogi life in Dubai where she never imagined to be!
Advice for those starting their yoga journey: Everyone is different. Take your time and enjoy your own journey.
What can be expected in/from Eun Seong’s classes: Expect to flow with a transformative style of yoga that is challenging, healing, fun and… sweaty. The body becomes strong and flexible, the mind becomes calm and steady, and the emotional systems come into balance.

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