Krishna Kaviraja Ahatefu.

Yoga Teacher

Nitai grew up in a Bhakti yoga community and have been trying to live by the principles of devotion in my life. He started the asana practice in 2013 for good physical and mental health and soon fell in love with the deeper aspects of the practice. He begun teaching in Thailand and did my training in Ubud, Bali. Yoga has always been a big part of my life on and off the mat. I’m also passionate about mantra meditation and Kirtan (the singing of sacred mantras and hymns)

Advice for those starting their yoga journey:

We all star from somewhere. Don’t be intimidated by all the advanced poses you see. It took years of practice to get there. Start with doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible then soon you will be doing the impossible.

What can be expected in/from your classes:

Mantra chanting, a challenging practice, expect to leave feeling great and energized.

Social media handle: @nitaiyoga