Laurie Jane Emmerson.

Yoga Teacher

Laurie is from Australia, over the last 10 years she has been living, travelling and working in Thailand, Singapore and Dubai.

She has been a passionate high school art teacher for almost 20 years, with strong values on the importance of education. Laurie has passed on her skills and knowledge to thousands of students from all walks of life. Laurie has now swapped the school classroom for the yoga studio.

She started practicing hot Vinyasa yoga and Bikram 8 years ago in Singapore after a running injury and quickly became hooked after seeing the mind and body benefits of a daily practice. Laurie discovered the Hot A sequence after moving to Dubai 4 years ago. She went on to complete her training at the Absolute Yoga Academy Hot Teacher Training in 2016, certified as a 200 hour Hot Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (R.Y.T).

Laurie continues her yoga education through certified posture clinics, workshops, a disciplined daily practice as well as visiting yoga retreats around the world.

She believes that it is a privilege and honor to teach yoga and to pass on her knowledge of asanas and correct posture alignment so that students are able to receive the full benefits of a yoga class. Like the classroom, Laurie sees it as her ‘job’ to educate fellow yogis who attend her classes as well as passing on a positive energy that they can carry with them throughout their day.