Natalia Fata.

Yoga Teacher

What Inspires Me? – Inspiration for me is everywhere — from the smile of my loved ones, to the words of my favorite writer or to the blooms on my morning walk. We just need to open our eyes, and breathe it in. My family, nature, my students, music, love, dreams, beauty and happiness inspire me the most.

How long have you been practicing? What made you start? – I have been a regular yoga practitioner for over 10 years and I have been teaching for 7 years now. My introduction to yoga happened in 2000 when I came to Turkey for my studies through the book that inspired me to start practicing Yoga. What started as a way to manage the stresses of my demanding professional and personal life styles, soon became a love affair. I hope to transfer this love and excitement to all of my students.

What can someone expect in your class? – I teach in a thought provoking ways letting the students reach beyond the limits of the mind and body through careful planning and energy reading. My classes are always challenging physically and mentally for all levels, include minimal demonstrations and maximum hands on assists.


  • 300-h Yoga Master Path with Chris Chavez, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 40-h Yoga23Fit Instructor Training, Kiev, Ukraine


Visceral Therapy Massage – Level 1, Moscow, Russia


  • 200-h Yoga “Path to Teaching” TT with Chris Chavez, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 60-h Yoga23 Instructor Training, Kiev, Ukraine


  • 40-h Ashtanga Yoga Training with Richard Freeman, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 60-h Insight Yoga TT (Yin Yoga) with Sarah Powers, Istanbul, Turkey


  • 40-h Yoga Therapy Training with Dr. Neslihan Iskit, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 40-h Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with David Swenson, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 200-h Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Alexis Kiresepi, Istanbul, Turkey