Neha Duseja.

Yoga Teacher

Neha’s yoga journey began five years ago as a means to balance work life and a rigorous gym workout. After two years of an on-off relationship with Bikram yoga, Neha decided to take on a 30-day yoga challenge.

What started as a month of daily practice turned into 200 days non-stop and she’s never looked back since! Going beyond the physical, she realized that yoga is mental stretch.

Stretching limitations, imaginations and possibilities! Neha’s personal practice includes Absolute yoga, Bikram, Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow. Her Hot A classes are vigorous yet spiritual and focus on alignment, core strength and expanding student knowledge of their own bodies through postures and variations. With a love of teaching, Neha will guide your practice to new depths.


YA 200hr training from Absolute Yoga Academy