Pavlina Rai.

Barre Pilates and Fitness Teacher

My sports performance career or movement journey, started at a fairly young age, I swam competitively for north London till early teens and dedicated a lot of time to swimming and athletics, meanwhile changing from a swimsuit to a leotard,i took up Dance and performing arts, at one of the top performing arts schools in London, where my career in theatre and on camera began.


My yoga journey actually started at University, my ballet and contemporary dance teacher was an Ashtanga practitioner, we used the practice to open and prepare our bodies and I fell in love with the practice, while I was studying I also got my certification in Ashtanga vinyasa, where I then joined a regular Mysore practice. Soon after I got my pilates mat and reformer qualifications and soon after that my functional strength conditioning and CrossFit certifications, Where I spent some years teaching, competing and dedicating time in athletics.


What type of classes do you teach at Inspire?


At inspire I teach Shred & Stretch, Barre Pilates, hot barre and warm core yoga sculpt


Favourite yoga pose?


Supta padangusthasana

It’s the twenty seventh pose of the primary series and twenty third seated pose. It looks like it’s a flexibility pose, this is a strength based asana. It generates stability in the hamstrings, hips and low belly focus.


Most challenging yoga pose?


Supta Kurmasana

Is one of the deepest forward folds of the primary series.


Your most cherished memory throughout your journey at Inspire:


I’ve seen Inspire grow from clients to teachers to staff, I was one of the very first teachers to join when it opened and I’ve been with the studio ever since!


What do you love about Inspire the most? It’s a warm environment I feel at home, the staff are great and all work very hard to give clients an experience, the owners Elisa and John are just warm hearted human beings.


Your motto/words you live by:

“Your life is your canvas, and you are the masterpiece”


An interesting fact about yourself:

“I use to busk with a hip hop dance crew on weekends for pocket change”


Advice for those starting their yoga journey:

“Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things, it’s not about anyone else other than yourself “


What can be expected in/from your classes:

A strong class that will leave you sore for a good couple of days!!! Technique and form is key, expect to get strong while practicing to some cool tunes!!


Social media handle:@pav.soma


  • Certified in Applied Functional Science (CAFS) GRAY INSTITUTE, MICHIGAN, USA
  • Pilates Essential Reformer & Progressive Reformer JPILATES INSTITUTE, LONDON, UK

2010 ~ 2011

Pilates Mat Work Level 3 with Small Equipment PILATES PRECISION INSTITUTE, LONDON, UK


Intensive Jazz & Contemporary Dance Training ALVIN ALLEY, NEW YORK, USA