Join a revolutionary 300-hrs YTT “The Art of Yoga” advanced course for 12 months or 200-hrs YTT course only for 8 months. This year YTT’s are designed to elevate your personal practice and yoga teaching skills, to transform you, your life and make you a successful entrepreneur and internationally recognised, confident and skilful yoga teacher. […]

TYMI HOWARD 500 E-RYT is an International Yoga Teacher, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Owner of Guruv Yoga Studios in the United States. Pioneering the Vinyasa and Yin Yoga movement not only in Central Florida, but throughout mainland China, Asia, and Indonesia. Tymi is dedicated to inspiring people to discover their life’s purpose through the […]

Want to start a handstand practice but have no idea how? Maybe you’ve already started but need a little help along the way?Don’t worry whatever your level Sarah has you covered.   Sarah is a certified yoga teacher and qualified calisthenics coach who’s has been handstand mad since her journey started. Mixing different disciplines, Sarah’s […]

Barre Intensity® instructor training program includes:  Barre Intensity master class Proper body alignment & positions Barre Intensity principles Structured class outline Music and beat matching Review of 45 basic barre exercises Intensity & modification options for all exercises Tips for smooth transitions and cueing techniques Lecture, partner teaching and class participation We encourage all participants […]

Join Lizel Cameron on the 12th of May for a very special afternoon of chanting and sound bath meditation! Healing Chants at 4PM Vedic Chants that envisage health and harmony for the entire human system both physical and subtle bodies to obtain long life, holistic health, clarity and stability. Sound Bath Meditation at 5PM Let […]

Join Vanessa, Sarah and Mayassa on an amazing internal Yoga Journey. A 90 minutes Yin-Yang Flow to improve self awareness, tolerance and empathy to oneself and others. Did you know? Before becoming a hotel in Dubai • In July 1990, the Queen became the first reigning monarch to go on a voyage on a commercial liner with […]

Part 1  Learn to read the International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration (IAST); pronounce āsana names correctly; Sanskrit Mantra dissection example for self-learning and empowerment. Part 2  Sanskrit Alphabet and connection to Cakra and Mantra Puruṣa; chant the common Sanskrit Mantra & Sutra confidently. SCHEDULE Weekday Part 1 on Monday March 11 and Part 2 on Wednesday March 20 Time: […]

Your Complete Guide I always put my heart in everything I try to give you guys the best knowledge I have. This for me is more than just a workshop. I’m a big believer in understanding the “Whys” of doing things. So I don’t want to give you just a bunch of exercises and send […]

SAVE THE DATE! On January 30, we are having an “open house” day to celebrate the newly renovated studio, and classes all day are FREE. We invite you to join us and bring your loved ones along. Please make sure you book your spot beforehand through the MindBody app. If you wish to attend more […]