4 WEEK PROGRAM WILL DELIVER ON THE FOLLOWING: – More core strength and stability – More core engagement – Better balance and posture – Lightness in asana practice – More success in arm balances and inversions WHY PARTICIPATE?Core stability and strength are essential for a healthy body. Better posture, better balance and preventing injury and […]

with Farid Herrera

HIRO Moving Meditation Masterclass And on Anatomy (Twist Workshop) Hiro Landazuri is coming to Dubai to lead a series of yoga workshops!We are so excited to host Hiro in Dubai and we hope you’ll be part of this amazing experience.Join us for a spectacular weekend on November 14 to 16, 2019.Hiro has a very simple […]

With 2 morning classes per week, slowly build up and have a good foundation for your practice.

For the 1st three months, we will be practicing half of the Ashtanga Primary Series and new poses will be added every week until we can complete the entire series.

Learn the Sanskrit counting, Sanskrit and English name of the poses, Vinyasa Count, Opening & Closing Mantras, Bandhas, and Drishti with proper Sanskrit pronunciation.

Handouts will be given. This class cum workshop will empower you to have your own practice, explore, and go deeper into the Ashtanga method. Practice on your own on other days or **attend Inspire’s Ashtanga Led classes.