Recently, at the beginning of a class I was asked to close my eyes and set an intention for the upcoming session. At this stage, I was wondering, “What have I got myself into?” – this wasn’t new to me but I wasn’t attending a yoga class – I was attending an all day workshop at the Idea World Fitness Convention.

Later I reflected on my thought process and questioned my reaction. Why was I so surprised? The speaker was simply asking me to be clear on what I wanted to gain from the programme. It was a very powerful invitation; I answered honestly and as a result had a clear purpose for the session (which was to gain specific knowledge on functional ageing). It allowed me to stay focussed during the day, instead of thinking about how cold it was in the meeting hall (it was really cold), my next meal or what the weather was like outside. The reality was that these things were irrelevant in that moment.

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