Quoting Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne) may seem out of place; our advice, don’t scoff but take a look at some of his wonderful quotes – you will be inspired!

This month we are talking about Gratitude. Recently someone sent me a link to an article in the New York Times titled: “Choose to be Grateful. You will be Happier.” At the time I briefly thought about the motivation – was it simply wanting to share a good article with a colleague who would appreciate this kind of philosophy or did he think that I needed help. For the record, I wasn’t offended and chose to treat it as a gift, something for which to be grateful.

For those interested, it is worth reading the whole article (NYT Article: ). For people who want the synthesised version, the key message is simple: you do not need to feel thankful to be grateful, rather, by actively choosing to practice gratitude we raise our happiness. This assertion is supported with references to numerous research reports and experiments. One amusing assertion is that expressing gratitude has a downside as there is some research suggesting it could make you fat (there is evidence that people begin to crave sweets when they are asked to express gratitude).

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