The end of one year and start of another is always a time of reflection on the year that was and the lessons we learnt along the way. It is also time for resolutions and a time to share good wishes for the upcoming year.

Our wish for 2017 is a life of abundance for our family, friends and colleagues.

Abundance and prosperity are buzzwords we hear quite often. For many people the first thing these words bring to mind are money and material possessions. That is too simplistic a view. Abundance is about much more than the number of zeros in your bank account; it is about being rich, with or without money.

Abundance is:

fundamental wellbeing.
fulfilment that is not dependent on exterior conditions.
learning to trust life, seeing beauty and richness even during the most difficult circumstances.
about gratitude ( we spoke about this last month )
The path to understanding what it means to live in true abundance begins with making choices in your life to live consciously and responsibly while making a positive difference in the world. Abundance therefore begins with a state of mind!

We need to recognise our role and responsibility in creating the life we lead. Instead of being unconsciously caught in the patterns of daily living, we need to become conscious of the life choices that we make. We always have choices and are constantly making decisions – the trick is to be conscious of these.

The conclusion to manifesting abundance is therefore: be open, trust in your abilities and make decisions from the heart. It is important to recognise that your full potential is already present and manifesting abundance is just a means of tapping into this potential in order to turn dreams into reality.

On the Mat

Back bending poses are some of the most effective for opening up the entire front of the body, including the heart and throat chakras. When these are open, a sense of abundance begins to flow naturally. Back bending poses also dramatically increase the flow of pranic energy throughout the body which will help cultivate a sense of abundant energy.

Thoughtful meditation also helps. Sharing our abundance, our blessings (no matter the form they take) with our neighbor, increases both their contentment and our own. To do this, try focusing on your breathing as follows: Inward – I am, Outward – Content.

Finally be determined. It takes time to change our habits.

Wishing you all a life of abundance and wellness in 2017!

With love,
Elisa and John

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