It is international Women’s day March 8th. During the month we pay tribute to women by focussing on tapping into our feminine energy.

At this point it is important to know that Feminine energy doesn’t necessarily represent the female human body and Masculine energy doesn’t necessarily represent the male human body. Furthermore, each of us has both the Feminine and Masculine energy inside us. If this weren’t the case, men couldn’t be creative and women would not have logical thought (though John sometimes accuses me of that!)

Today’s world values, and is dominated by male energy. Let me explain what I mean.

For years, I felt like I had to tap into stereotypical masculine qualities in order to feel powerful in my body. It wasn’t that I was unfeminine in appearance. But who I was, how I operated, how I went through life was all based on a “masculine” way of doing things.

It isn’t surprising. The environment I grew up in encouraged achievement and hard work and success in what was still very much a “man’s world.” I was fortunate that I always did well in my chosen fields and could out-perform many guys intellectually as well as physically. I was a gym addict attending classes such as BodyPump and lifting more than the boys; doing combat and hitting harder than the boys and even Boxing training with the boys. I guess it is fair to say I was a Tomboy!

Now it is not hard to see that I was totally out of touch with my feminine essence — the softer side of me. When I began to explore and deepen my spiritual practices, I started to feel the need to connect with the feminine energy within.

Nature is bestowed with abundance and knows how to balance itself. Just like every coin has two sides, the universe is created in a perfectly balanced state. The right side has a left side, day has night, sun has moon and masculine has a feminine aspect.

Feminine and Masculine energy play critical roles in how we think, act and behave. When both of them are merged together in a harmonious way, they allow you to understand life better. The process of merging both of these two energies eventually allows you to achieve true spiritual enlightenment and intelligence. For these reasons, balancing the Feminine and Masculine energy is the key to spiritual growth and ascension.

What is Feminine Energy?
Feminine energy is an intelligent and loving energy that contains the quality of intuition, compassion, emotion, creativity, empathy, collaboration, spirituality, holistic thought, and right brain thinking. The qualities of Feminine energy give us the ability to love and understand one another in a spiritual and holistic way.

What is the Masculine Energy?
Masculine energy is an intelligent energy that possesses the quality of analytic and rational thinking, competition, determination, linear thinking, logical thought, action, and left brain thinking. A person who thinks a lot with his or her left brain is someone who relies heavily on math and science comes to how we think, most of us have been conditioned to think more with our left brain than our right brain.

In reality, one isn’t better than the other. They are two halves to the same whole. They add to each other and balance each other out. An unbalanced masculine energy is all striving with no contentment (the stereotype of the overworked businessman with no down time comes to mind). An unbalanced feminine energy is pure hedonistic, present-minded indulgence with no direction or goals in life (a twenty-something party girl who is dependent on others to get by in life).

Achievement (Masculine energy) is “prized” too much and that is a sad state of affairs that it is. People are working more than ever and de-prioritizing their enjoyment. They achieve much but love too little.

If you spend your entire life sprinting towards an imagined finish line without stopping to remember to feel, love, and enjoy, then you will have lived an empty life with many regrets.

So get out there. Enjoy yourself today.

On the Mat
Whether you are a woman looking to reconnect with your inner feminine more deeply, or a man looking to self-nurture and balance out his masculine, here are three exercises to increase your feminine energy.

Smile and enjoy
Being a yoga teacher, too often I see concentrated serious faces, frowns, clenching teeth and tight fists. As we practice, we should pay attention to our body and let go of all above. Try to enjoy and smile instead! For example, I personally struggle with back-bends, so what I do – I smile in upward facing dog. Whenever I tense my shoulders, I let go of them and engage my core. As I inhale and smile, I notice how tightness is leaving the body and how practice becomes more and more happy.

Belly breathing
If you do nothing else, do this. Belly breathing helps me connect to the energy and wisdom swirling around in my belly – my ‘gut” feelings. To belly breathe bring the soles of your feet together; gently let your legs flop out to the side (resting on blocks if you need too) while resting hands wherever they feel right for the day. Focus your breath on your base chakra (the perineum area) and belly. Breathe in through your base chakra drawing the breath up and into your belly. Simply follow your breath as it enters and leaves your body from the base chakra. Feel the gentle movement of energy between your belly and the base chakra. Try this for 5 minutes each morning.

Nature didn’t intend for us to sit in chairs all day long. Squatting helps bring our awareness and breath to our base chakra, legs and feet. It’s very grounding. Anchoring us into the earth’s energy.

A simple practice while relaxing in a squat is to inhale – up from the ground – through your feet and legs, gently nourishing the base chakra as it flows through up into your belly. Feel your belly swell and fill like a balloon with each inhale. A simple squatting pose will help lengthen your spine, strengthen and improve flexibility in your hips, thighs, knees and ankles.

I hope you enjoy getting in touch with your feminine energy and remember to especially connect with it on March 8th.

Blessings to you all,


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