What is your Why

Why did you get up in the morning? Why did you eat what you ate? Why did you wear what you wore? Why did you go to work in the morning? Why are you here?

These were the questions posed in the opening sequence of a movie I watched recently. They are powerful questions to which I personally need an answer. You see, I am not the sort of individual that can just drift through life; my bet is that neither are you!
Unlike animals, which are driven simply to survive, humans crave more from life than mere existence. Without an answer to the question Why am I here? we can quickly fall into disillusionment, distraction and a quiet sense of despair. The increase in drug and alcohol abuse, depression and suicide, along with the growing reliance on antidepressant and anxiety medications, seem to indicate many are doing just that – drifting through life without a purpose. Given we are wealthier today than at any time in history, there is clearly a difference between ‘well off’ and ‘well-being.’

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