Embrace Change

Change is good, and we either crave or dread it. It built, and continues to build, civilizations. It led you to where you are right now. It could come as a result of a decision you have made (a self-imposed change), or it could just come out of the blue and catch you off guard. Whatever life throws at you, no matter how good, bad, scary or exciting a situation is, it will always change sooner or later. You may resist change or welcome it, but it is always there.

Change is inevitable. It is a constant denominator. The only variable is your behavior.

That is why, I made it my friend! For 10 years now in my 37 years of existence (turning 38 after a few more days), no dramatic change has happened yet that I did not initiate. I will not let you drag me, Change!

Back then I was still working in an office, and slowly but surely climbing up the stressful corporate ladder. I realized this is not where I want to be. Should I continue? Make my parents proud of my achievements, make the people around me happy, so on and so forth. Until when can I endure it? No. This has to stop and I have to initiate the change. I told myself to get ready and be prepared if I want to do what I have always wanted to do. And so I kept on practicing yoga in the confines of my small shared room. I was able to go to India after years of planning and saving. A few more years of planning, saving, trainings and the rest as they say is history. This did not come easily though. I have a lot of ifs, buts, and ghosts, but I have a stronger and clearer picture of where I want to be. I embraced the little changes that came along the way with an equanimous mind. I had never imagined that there are endless possibilities out there, and it could be life enhancing!

Embracing change on the mat

1. Bodily changes, moon phases, you are part of the universe.

There will be days when you are overflowing with energy, and can pin all the poses your yoga teacher throws at you. And there will be days when you will feel low, reaching your toes is not as easy, and even going to your mat is a drag. Practice anyway. Who has ever said, “I wish I did not practice yoga today,” right after a yoga class?

2. Changes of classes, changes of timings, changes of teachers.

Ever come to a studio anticipating a fab class from your fave teacher, only to find out it is going to be covered by someone else? Yoga teachers are human beings, in spite of how we may project ourselves as being invincible. We have issues (a lot!), and there could be sudden changes in our life that we need to take care of. Non-attachment to teachers is as important as non-attachment to end results.

3. Injuries

I’ve had a lot. They changed my practice big time. I thought it was the end of my beautiful practice (even the end of the world). It was not easy to accept at first, especially as the biggest injury I had wasn’t self-inflicted but from another teacher. My practice and self-esteem spiraled down, but it slowly built up again as I become more compassionate to myself. Injuries changed the way I approached my teaching, as well as my own practice. Progress isn’t a linear path. There will be curves, waves, and bumps – those same movements coincidentally are applied in my classes.

4. Use props

Don’t hesitate. They are your friends, and a source of support when undergoing changes or facing obstacles. When used intelligently, props can elevate your practice in many different aspects. Just like when you welcome change, it could be the key to your success and happiness.

Feel free to add your own and tell me! It could go on and on and on…

How to deal and cope with change? Instead of resisting, embrace it everyday.

I tell myself, “I welcome real change everyday.”

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts


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