Our Comfort Zone – what is it? The words are obvious. It is “that place” where we feel comfortable, right? So why can’t we stay there longer? Why does it consistently change? Why are we pushed out of that zone when it is comfortable and cosy?

I started asking these questions when I began practicing yoga. I remember my teachers always saying: “To transform and change you need to move out of your comfort zone.” Back then, I was resistant. I didn’t want to get out. I liked where I was.

Thinking more about “that place”, I had doubts and noticed that many things in my life felt different. The environment and the events, my body and mindset, even the people, have since changed. Then it hit me – “that place” was no longer my zone of comfort. It was shocking to realize that it was a zone of half-comfort; even discomfort. Immediately, I wanted to change, to move on and to find “that place” again – the zone where I felt comfortable in myself.

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