Cleanse your heart, empower your soul

As one of the busiest months of the year, March sees many of us having a full social calendar. Whether it is holding and attending events, renewing contracts, balancing accounts — or recently, figuring out how VAT works. However, it remains one of my favourite months of the year, because I get to celebrate my birthday. This year, it was extra special as I witnessed my niece getting married to the love of her life, and got to see my entire family.

As some of you know, just after my birthday, I stayed the night at the hospital. I am in good health now, but the experience gave me the space to realise how much stress and negativity we tend to absorb during this time of the year, even just by witnessing.

With the closing financial year and events galore, we think about bonuses, stability, responsibilities, and so much more. All this stress also causes emotions to run high, offline as well as online. Some of you may have noticed angry social media posts, harsher reactions, and other negative stimuli—all of which affect us on multiple levels.

On the heels of March, I invite you to take account of your past month and address it. Cleansing ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically as well as spiritually is the best way to move forward.

Here are some of the methods I’ve found to be particularly helpful:

Mental Cleansing

  • Practise mindfulness: One of the best ways to relax, improve understanding and awareness is to be mindful. From here, you can take steps to improving your overall wellness.
  • Address your stress: Whether it is a day at the spa, a staycation, or simply talking to friends or your life coach, know how you can reduce the stress you’re facing and take action.
  • Realistically prioritise and organise: Make the 24 hours in the day more productive by making a plan and sticking to it. Less time worrying leads to increased happiness and achievements.

Emotional Cleansing

  • Avoid social media and upsetting TV: These are two platforms where the most negative content lives – it affects us on a deeper level than we can imagine. Try eliminating these for a few days, or unfollowing pages that post emotionally challenging content.
  • Express and share higher vibration emotions: Smile, laugh and share love, happiness, positivity with the world. It is infectious and sharing only leads to you experiencing even more of these happy emotions.
  • Practise gratitude: We all have constants in our lives, such as people or events that we are grateful for, no matter how our day is going. Try recalling them every morning and night, and I’m sure it will help counter the negativity and help you stay content.

Physical Cleansing

  • Eat better: Our bodies are made to crave sugar, fats and carbs when we’re stressed. Keep a check on your intake and eat a healthier, balanced diet.
  • Stretch and move: Sweating is another way of detoxing our bodies. It also produced a range of stress-combating effects. As we say, 100% prespiration = 100% inspiration.
  • Sleep: When was the last time you got a proper 8-hour rest at night? Sleep is one of the best and easiest way to rejuvenate our body and our brain healthy. So do try to sleep well by practising better sleep hygiene.

Spiritual Cleansing

  • Action kindness: Give a compliment, donate to charity, forgive someone’s mistake, help somebody, feed a stray—there are thousands of ways we can be kind every day. It brings us happiness and fulfillment, and creates ripple effects that make our world a better place to live in.
  • Meditate: Heal and rejuvenate your spirit with the help of guided meditations or higher vibration music with binaural beats. They are excellent to meditate to and easily available online. 
  • Have faith: The best way to cleanse our souls is to practise positivity and optimism. In other words, fight your fears by having faith in the goodness of people, and believe in better outcomes.

There are many other ways in which you can cleanse your mind, heart, body and spirit. The first and foremost is to realise and know that you need the detox, and then from there, it’s a practise you’ll fall in love with!

When we take action to cleanse our minds of all negativity, yet not hate the emotions it brings, when we accept all experiences as part of life, yet make an effort to stay positive and share our love, kindness and happiness with the world, we start to make a difference—to ourselves, the lives of those around us, as well as the world. Every journey starts from within, and it is our responsibility to keep going higher on the path of positivity.

Pour in your experiences, realisations, questions and stories about how your month was, how you detox, and the way it makes you feel. I am looking forward to hearing from you.



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