A Summer to Remember

As you find yourself in the midst of noise

Every person sees us differently; labelling us as a mother, friend, wife, vegan, fitness enthusiast, dog lover; the list goes on. The truth is, we are so much more than that. It doesn’t mean some of those aspects aren’t true, just that there are many more things that define us than a limited bunch of labels.

Over time, being seen in the light of these labels, we often forget that we have other characteristics, values and interests that ring truer than what a label portrays. More importantly, as we mature, our values and truths get better defined, and sometimes even challenged to add more depth to our character.

Which is why, who we thought we were a few years ago, might not necessarily reflect who we really are today. Knowing ourselves and realising the shifting values helps us from feeling lost. In fact, it allows us to change the aspects we no longer agree or connect with. The journey to self-exploration is also a journey to redefining ourselves.

While this journey can be emotionally overwhelming at times, the results are so much worth it. Plus, as we step into the summer, beginning with a lovely week-long Eid holiday, it is the perfect time to reflect on our sense of self. Ask yourself how well do you know yourself, and dig deeper to understand yourself better.

Make the best of this quieter season—go on this adventure to know and fall in love with who you are. You might find an answer in your roots, or your current surroundings. Personally, I am taking a trip to the Philippines. My parents were business people with farm lands. I’m going to explore organic agriculture so that we can bring our farm back to life. I see this as going back to my roots to remember who I was, the culture and values I grew up with, and how this core part of me has evolved to make me who I am today.

Our past does not define us, nor should it. However, it is a great starting point for self-exploration. It helps us acknowledge what we have experienced, reminds us of the good, and helps make peace with what we may be struggling with.

Here are some tips to help you on this journey, that I am taking with me:

  1. Surrender to the feelings of discomfort, anxiety and uncertainty.
  2. Make peace with your insecurities. Allow yourself to find your inner strength to look at the positive aspects of life.
  3. Be a friend to yourself. Support your dreams and aspirations, while being compassionate to the harder times. Put yourself first, look after what your heart desires, and go and get it for yourself!
  4. Forget about perfectionism, it is unattainable. We only give ourselves more hardship by running after something that keeps going further away.
  5. Analyse your emotions, your actions, your week, your daily routine. It will offer clues to your triggers of discomfort, and give you the opportunity to realise and improve those aspects of your life.
  6. Explore what sparks joy in your heart. It could be something unexpected, or it could be something you’ve always enjoyed, yet have forgotten about.
  7. Be grateful for everything in your life. Ask “why this is happening for me” instead of “…to me.” Welcoming positivity in your life will set the stage for a happier journey to knowing who you really are.

Beyond the likes and dislikes, labels and aspirations, lies our understanding of our true selves. Make this a summer to remember by doing this for yourself. Let’s go on this journey together this summer, support each other in this significant exploration, and have something deep and meaningful make our 2019 memorable.

I am here if you need to talk. Let’s help each other build stronger relations and a closer community. If you’ve already been on this journey recently, I would love to hear your insights. And if you have any questions, please share them, a lot of us might have the same.

As gracefully as this month of Ramadan comes to an end, let another journey begin.

Eid Mubarak!



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