Inspire Yoga Pilates And Fitness Testimonials.

I was looking forward to my hot yoga class today afternoon and its been really special, more than I was hoping. A well known studio but a new teacher for me , Neha , and everything came together nicely . To start the class we had to draw some small cards out of a beautiful Indian design pouch and I got “Inspire” . I placed that little card in front of the mat and for the entire practice I have been drowned to this word and it became my intention . I believe its so important in life to do something for people around us and to actually inspire them into something positive and healthy its just a grate thing . Seriously the practice has been strong but peaceful and totally enjoyed it . Neha has so much confidence into words and adjustments, very well done !!! #yoga #hotyoga #inspire #yogainspiration #practice and all is coming @InspireYogaPilatesandFitness

Very Welcoming People and Ambiance, the Real Yoga Place I was looking for a long time in Dubai. Very helpful and friendly members, staff and you feel so relaxed when you just hang in place.

The best Hatha class I’ve taken! So well explained, so well directed, amazing and challenging postures 🙂 The students community vibe was something I haven’t seen at other studios. The staff is so nice and helpful. The place itself inspires you to have a great yoga practice. Services and store are great too.

Inspire has a very supportive community of students and teachers. It is where I started my Vinyasa practice and I am eternally grateful for where that practice has brought me in my yoga journey both on and off the mat. Much love

I’ve taken five of the Hot Yoga express classes at Inspire in the last week. I’m definitely hooked. This is a pleasant (clean, good natural lighting, good facilities etc.) studio with some really good teachers. Just an all-around positive and enjoyable experience. I’m really looking forward to continuing my practice with Inspire. Thanks!

My favourite yoga studio in Dubai! Definitely go. Get on your mat at Inspire Yoga! ���

Beautiful space, amazing teachers with a variety of challenging and calming classes.

I love the energy of this place. I love it more because it comes from everyone who is part of inspire. The teachers, the staff, fellow participants are all warm and welcoming. Not your usual snotty,snobby yoga studio at all! I am glad I found you – looking forward to becoming more regular with my practice.

Location is very accessible. Instructors are amazing & staff are very friendly. Definitely a must-go for all fitness enthusiasts.Highly-recommended!

Did Pavlinas Hot Sculpt class last night and LOVED IT! Informative instructors, great location with plenty of parking and always greeted with smiles. I’ll be back!