Inspire invites you for a community sunset yoga event in support of #mateshelpmates, an initiative by the Australian Embassy and the Emirates Red Crescent to raise funds for volunteers and those affected by the Australian bushfire

Come and experience the newly opened Al Kuthban Yoga Hall

The practice centers in “Honouring Life”
An invitation to reconnect and find gratitude in the life that we live and our environment

The experience starts at 4:15 PM till 5:00 PM
January 24th 2020 (Friday)

Make sure you bring your: Mat, Towel & Water

For any questions call 04 321 9771 or
Here’s an invitation for you ladies only….Let’s OM for Pink

Join us for a meditative slow flow yoga and sound healing in the iconic Dubai Frame.

Lift your Saturday morning to a new height with an “elevated” yoga practice in the Dubai Frame. This event aims to promote mindfulness and healing supporting for the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Kindly brought to you by the Dubai Frame in association with Inspire Yoga, Pilates and Fitness. Entrance is complimentary, pink yoga mats will be available for use and refreshments provided.

Registration is essential as spots are limited to 60 only.

The experience starts at 630 am till 8 am
October 26th 2019 (Saturday)

For any questions call 04 321 9771 or

How important would you say it is to keep growing in life? We wouldn’t settle for being in the same position at our work for more than a year or so, then why do we let the only thing that will help us grow—learning—take a back seat?

Why do we allow ourselves to be stuck in time when we know how essential learning is for growth?

In fact, it’s crucial for so much more than that. Learning keeps us humble, builds our confidence, and helps us have intellectual conversations and debates that lift our personas.

Even so, I feel our approach to learning matters a lot because there is a difference between being a student and a lifelong learner.

While a student learns with the purpose of passing exams, without caring much about the knowledge or using it in life, a lifelong learner is passionate about knowing more about things that interest them, and improve lives with it.

There are three key characteristics of a lifelong learner: curiosity, passion and empathy.

The desire to learn stems from curiosity about our world. This is closely linked with passion for the field; while empathy is the emotional impulse that fuels our passions. For me, this is about holistic wellness.

I enjoy learning more about how I can keep my body healthy; exercise, food and mental well-being are a big part of that. Hence I naturally seek out workshops, classes, podcasts, books and such in this space.

For example, recently, I was in the Philippines learning about organic farming with my family. In the same month, I also went to San Francisco to complete my 500 hours of yoga teachers training with Jason Crandell.

These experiences made me realise how much more learning enriches our lives. It’s not just social aspect of meeting people that brings us happiness, but the fact that we are learning something that will add value to our lives—that will help us grow personally and professionally—as well as help everyone around us.

So learn, make it your goal this summer. Go at it alone, with your loved ones, or with new people; study something digitally in the comfort of your home, or go to a class and learn together with peers—pick your style!

Take up a new skill for work or refresh your hobbies. Learning has become so much easier with a ton of online and offline resources, let’s take advantage of this. Moreover, with lighter workloads this season and school summer break upon us, it’s the best time of the year to start learning something new—by yourself or along with your family.

Let’s make this summer our spring. Let’s learn something new that will help us grow. Let’s commit to making every day a school day and feed our passions with more knowledge. Share what you know and what you want to learn. Let’s go on this adventure together as a community and come out more enlightened at the end of this season.

I’m so excited to hear from you! Let’s explore how we can support each other on this journey—what do you say?



You are invited to a unique yoga event at Gate Avenue. Heighten your senses and unwind with an evening of wellness and relaxation. Disconnect from the rush, reconnect and reclaim your power to better health. Event is free and spots are limited, register soon.

Complimentary parking will be available at the Gate Avenue parking only.


4pm-Registration desk opens
5pm– Introduction to the event
5.10pm– Importance of gut health talk by nutritionist from Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre
5.30pm– Yin Yang yoga starting with breathing exercise and meditation
6.45pm– Sound bath with Aromatherapy
7.15pm– End of yoga

Join a revolutionary 300-hrs YTT “The Art of Yoga” advanced course for 12 months or 200-hrs YTT course only for 8 months. This year YTT’s are designed to elevate your personal practice and yoga teaching skills, to transform you, your life and make you a successful entrepreneur and internationally recognised, confident and skilful yoga teacher.

Start Date: 19 Sep 2019
End Date: 15 Aug 2020

This fully immersive 8 or 12 Months Courses are uniquely designed to allow you not only to deepen your knowledge, yoga teaching skills, grow into an experienced, self-efficient, professional and inspiring yoga teacher but also, like none of the existing yoga teacher trainings in the world, is helping you to transform physically, mentally and spiritually. With this program you will remove personal psychological blocks, destructive and limiting believes, develop the energy, focus & motivation to achieve your goals in less time than ever before. Your life, mindset, lifestyle and relationships will elevate and advance as well.

“The Art of Yoga” 300-hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is the second level training course for those who is an advanced practitioner and / or have already finished the first level of 200-hours yoga teacher training. This 300-hours course is more intense and is spread over 12 months of training. If you have not received any of the 200-hrs YTT training ad new to yoga then you can sign only for 8-month training which will be an equivalent of 200-hrs Yoga Alliance certification. The first 8-months of “The Art of Yoga” 300-hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is mostly suitable for those who want to get a basic understanding of Yoga and wants to start teaching yoga. The remaining 4 months of the 12-month “The Art of Yoga” 300-hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher Training go more in depth into the foundations of yoga teaching and is more advanced. It has different curriculum and different goal.

If you want to take yoga as career then the advance teacher training is must for you. After completion of 300-hours training you can register as RYT 300, and if you have also finished 200-hours training you can register as RYT 500.

To find out more details on what the course program, your benefits, requirements, application process and tuition fees are, please click here:

The 300-hrs Yoga Teacher Training STARTS on September 19th, 2019 and ENDS on August 15th, 2020

Module 1 September 19, 20, 21
Module 2 October 17, 18, 19
Module 3 November 14, 15, 16
Module 4 December 19, 20, 21
Module 5 January 17, 18, 19
Module 6 February 14, 15, 16
Module 7 March 14,15,1
Module 8 RETREAT (Graduation Module outside of DXB)
April 16, 17, 18
Module 9 May 14, 15, 16
Module 10 June 18, 19, 20
Module 11 July 16, 17, 18
Module 12 August 13, 14, 15

LOCATION: Inspire Yoga Studio, Dubai, UAE –

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Want to start a handstand practice but have no idea how?
Maybe you’ve already started but need a little help along the way?
Don’t worry whatever your level Sarah has you covered.  
Sarah is a certified yoga teacher and qualified calisthenics coach who’s has
been handstand mad since her journey started. Mixing different disciplines,
Sarah’s workshops aims to provide you with a complete guide to your practice.

What you can expect to learn:
Alignment breakdown – understanding what specifically YOU would need to
work on to improve your skills.
How to effective release and stretch the body after all that practice!
Fancy it? Here’s the details:
Date: Friday 21st June
Time: 13:00 – 15:30
Location: Inspire Yoga+Pilates+Fitness
Price: AED 250 VAT included (cash only)

Spaces are limited to 15 people so you can all get the attention you deserve!
Spots are first-come-first-serve and only confirmed when paid

As you find yourself in the midst of noise

Every person sees us differently; labelling us as a mother, friend, wife, vegan, fitness enthusiast, dog lover; the list goes on. The truth is, we are so much more than that. It doesn’t mean some of those aspects aren’t true, just that there are many more things that define us than a limited bunch of labels.

Over time, being seen in the light of these labels, we often forget that we have other characteristics, values and interests that ring truer than what a label portrays. More importantly, as we mature, our values and truths get better defined, and sometimes even challenged to add more depth to our character.

Which is why, who we thought we were a few years ago, might not necessarily reflect who we really are today. Knowing ourselves and realising the shifting values helps us from feeling lost. In fact, it allows us to change the aspects we no longer agree or connect with. The journey to self-exploration is also a journey to redefining ourselves.

While this journey can be emotionally overwhelming at times, the results are so much worth it. Plus, as we step into the summer, beginning with a lovely week-long Eid holiday, it is the perfect time to reflect on our sense of self. Ask yourself how well do you know yourself, and dig deeper to understand yourself better.

Make the best of this quieter season—go on this adventure to know and fall in love with who you are. You might find an answer in your roots, or your current surroundings. Personally, I am taking a trip to the Philippines. My parents were business people with farm lands. I’m going to explore organic agriculture so that we can bring our farm back to life. I see this as going back to my roots to remember who I was, the culture and values I grew up with, and how this core part of me has evolved to make me who I am today.

Our past does not define us, nor should it. However, it is a great starting point for self-exploration. It helps us acknowledge what we have experienced, reminds us of the good, and helps make peace with what we may be struggling with.

Here are some tips to help you on this journey, that I am taking with me:

  1. Surrender to the feelings of discomfort, anxiety and uncertainty.
  2. Make peace with your insecurities. Allow yourself to find your inner strength to look at the positive aspects of life.
  3. Be a friend to yourself. Support your dreams and aspirations, while being compassionate to the harder times. Put yourself first, look after what your heart desires, and go and get it for yourself!
  4. Forget about perfectionism, it is unattainable. We only give ourselves more hardship by running after something that keeps going further away.
  5. Analyse your emotions, your actions, your week, your daily routine. It will offer clues to your triggers of discomfort, and give you the opportunity to realise and improve those aspects of your life.
  6. Explore what sparks joy in your heart. It could be something unexpected, or it could be something you’ve always enjoyed, yet have forgotten about.
  7. Be grateful for everything in your life. Ask “why this is happening for me” instead of “…to me.” Welcoming positivity in your life will set the stage for a happier journey to knowing who you really are.

Beyond the likes and dislikes, labels and aspirations, lies our understanding of our true selves. Make this a summer to remember by doing this for yourself. Let’s go on this journey together this summer, support each other in this significant exploration, and have something deep and meaningful make our 2019 memorable.

I am here if you need to talk. Let’s help each other build stronger relations and a closer community. If you’ve already been on this journey recently, I would love to hear your insights. And if you have any questions, please share them, a lot of us might have the same.

As gracefully as this month of Ramadan comes to an end, let another journey begin.

Eid Mubarak!



When was the last time you felt completely calm; the last time you had nowhere to be
or to go; the last time you took it slow? Was it the sunset you watched while on
vacation, or the time you saw stars shooting across the night sky?  

I personally feel that society today puts a lot of undue emphasis on multitasking and being busy, implying it’s the best way to live a full and meaningful life. In my mind, this
thinking is deeply flawed. If one can’t find time to relax, enjoy a massage or even a cup of coffee on a quiet morning without feeling guilty of unproductivity, what quality of
life is one really living?  

The world is so full of worries and unending to-do lists that one finds it hard to simply catch a break. So much so, that to just stop the brain from thinking a thousand miles
an hour about a million things, many end up mindlessly watching TV, even if only to tire the brain enough to fall asleep.  

Such is the world of hyper-productivity that we live in. It’s all about efficiency and time saving. Yet the time we save seems to slip out of our hands.   We’re already thinking
about the next 10 tasks before completing the one at hand. Multitasking and going
about life’s chores; searching for moments of joy… if only we could learn to find it in
the very moment by noticing what’s going on around us and being grateful for where
we are.   I’ve discovered a few things that help me slow down. Meditation is naturally
one of them, so I have incorporated the practice into my daily routine. Other things I do involve being focused on the moment. For example, when I cook, I am only thinking
about the dish I’m preparing, noticing the changing colours and fragrances; when I
have my afternoon tea while lounging on the couch, I just watch the sun and wind play with the greens of my garden. These small things give me the space to calm down and revitalise.  

The other thing I’ve found to be very helpful is doing everyday things slowly; say no to the rush and take twice as long just to allow yourself to be in the moment and observe more. It’s challenging, especially when you have children and a family to attend to.
Nevertheless, this makes it more important for you to slow down and find time for yourself. Only when you put a pause to reset and re-energise, can you truly be in a state to connect with your family and share moments of joy.  

Now that Ramadan is around the corner, I’m sure most of us will enjoy the shorter
working days. I think it is the perfect opportunity to slow ourselves down to enjoy the
little things in life a little more. Perhaps take that sunset walk on the beach you’ve been meaning to go for, read a book that’s catching dust on your bookshelf, or simply notice the world around you; see the afternoon sunlight dance into your home while enjoying a nice cup of tea — or a cold drink, considering the weather.  

We often say that joy is found in the small details. I encourage you to take the
opportunity of this entire month to slow down. Take time to appreciate and show
gratitude for the small gestures of kindness and love that surround us. And I believe
that putting kindness and love into the world will only make it bounce back into your
life, adding to the many cherishable moments we all are blessed with.  

Join me this month to slow down, to really savour the gift of being alive and all that
we are grateful for! I’d love to know your ideas about how we could all slow down to
appreciate life a little more. I look forward to hearing about your experiences and the
things you enjoyed during this blessed month.  

Ramadan Kareem!

Join Lizel Cameron on the 12th of May for a very special afternoon of chanting and sound bath meditation!

Healing Chants at 4PM

Vedic Chants that envisage health and harmony for the entire human system both physical and subtle bodies to obtain long life, holistic health, clarity and stability.

Sound Bath Meditation at 5PM
Let sound find place in your mind & soul to relax, recharge and heal you from the innermost part of your being (your skin glowing is just one side benefit!).

This special event is FREE for everyone who is open minded and receptive. LIMITED TO 15 STUDENTS ONLY.

To register:
Call us on 04 3219771 or 052 777 6108
Book Here

As one of the busiest months of the year, March sees many of us having a full social calendar. Whether it is holding and attending events, renewing contracts, balancing accounts — or recently, figuring out how VAT works. However, it remains one of my favourite months of the year, because I get to celebrate my birthday. This year, it was extra special as I witnessed my niece getting married to the love of her life, and got to see my entire family.

As some of you know, just after my birthday, I stayed the night at the hospital. I am in good health now, but the experience gave me the space to realise how much stress and negativity we tend to absorb during this time of the year, even just by witnessing.

With the closing financial year and events galore, we think about bonuses, stability, responsibilities, and so much more. All this stress also causes emotions to run high, offline as well as online. Some of you may have noticed angry social media posts, harsher reactions, and other negative stimuli—all of which affect us on multiple levels.

On the heels of March, I invite you to take account of your past month and address it. Cleansing ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically as well as spiritually is the best way to move forward.

Here are some of the methods I’ve found to be particularly helpful:

Mental Cleansing

  • Practise mindfulness: One of the best ways to relax, improve understanding and awareness is to be mindful. From here, you can take steps to improving your overall wellness.
  • Address your stress: Whether it is a day at the spa, a staycation, or simply talking to friends or your life coach, know how you can reduce the stress you’re facing and take action.
  • Realistically prioritise and organise: Make the 24 hours in the day more productive by making a plan and sticking to it. Less time worrying leads to increased happiness and achievements.

Emotional Cleansing

  • Avoid social media and upsetting TV: These are two platforms where the most negative content lives – it affects us on a deeper level than we can imagine. Try eliminating these for a few days, or unfollowing pages that post emotionally challenging content.
  • Express and share higher vibration emotions: Smile, laugh and share love, happiness, positivity with the world. It is infectious and sharing only leads to you experiencing even more of these happy emotions.
  • Practise gratitude: We all have constants in our lives, such as people or events that we are grateful for, no matter how our day is going. Try recalling them every morning and night, and I’m sure it will help counter the negativity and help you stay content.

Physical Cleansing

  • Eat better: Our bodies are made to crave sugar, fats and carbs when we’re stressed. Keep a check on your intake and eat a healthier, balanced diet.
  • Stretch and move: Sweating is another way of detoxing our bodies. It also produced a range of stress-combating effects. As we say, 100% prespiration = 100% inspiration.
  • Sleep: When was the last time you got a proper 8-hour rest at night? Sleep is one of the best and easiest way to rejuvenate our body and our brain healthy. So do try to sleep well by practising better sleep hygiene.

Spiritual Cleansing

  • Action kindness: Give a compliment, donate to charity, forgive someone’s mistake, help somebody, feed a stray—there are thousands of ways we can be kind every day. It brings us happiness and fulfillment, and creates ripple effects that make our world a better place to live in.
  • Meditate: Heal and rejuvenate your spirit with the help of guided meditations or higher vibration music with binaural beats. They are excellent to meditate to and easily available online. 
  • Have faith: The best way to cleanse our souls is to practise positivity and optimism. In other words, fight your fears by having faith in the goodness of people, and believe in better outcomes.

There are many other ways in which you can cleanse your mind, heart, body and spirit. The first and foremost is to realise and know that you need the detox, and then from there, it’s a practise you’ll fall in love with!

When we take action to cleanse our minds of all negativity, yet not hate the emotions it brings, when we accept all experiences as part of life, yet make an effort to stay positive and share our love, kindness and happiness with the world, we start to make a difference—to ourselves, the lives of those around us, as well as the world. Every journey starts from within, and it is our responsibility to keep going higher on the path of positivity.

Pour in your experiences, realisations, questions and stories about how your month was, how you detox, and the way it makes you feel. I am looking forward to hearing from you.