Marina Pavlenko.

Holistic Fitness Trainer

Marina Pavlenko has a background in variety of disciplines like calisthenics, capoeira, yoga and movement. Constantly striving to improve her teaching skills as well as her own physical skills, she has attended numerous anatomy workshops and specialized lectures, to name a few –

-Miguel Santana’s handstand immersions,

-Ido Portal – Locomotion workshop and movement camp 2019,

-Joe Muscolino’s Anatomy and palpitations,

-Animal Flow L1,

-Play-Fight movement workshop,

-Yoga anatomy 50hrs

-Shoulder injury prevention

– trained with numerous circus handalancers.

A few certifications:-

Certified WCO calisthenics coach

Certified PTA global fitness trainer

She is currently based in Dubai and is coaching workshops and retreats around the world.