Mat Bendik.

Yoga Teacher

My Yoga journey started in 2017.

Due to my intensive calisthenics and martial arts training I needed to improve my flexibility. This is where and why my self-practice began.

What started as stretching, soon grew into a daily Yoga practice, which included meditation and mindfulness exercises.

Yoga obviously has great benefits for the body but most importantly Yoga has helped me to overcome anxiety, constant overthinking and worrying I was suffering from for a long period of time.

As my passion for Yoga increased, I completed a 7 months Yoga Alliance 200hr Teacher Training with Natalia Fata in Dubai, while still living a busy life as a flight attendant.

In my classes I like to challenge students both physically and mentally, while bringing focus on mindfulness and body awareness.

Using my knowledge not only from my yoga practice, but also from my calisthenics and martial arts background students can guarantee a fully rounded practice.