Sarah White.

Yoga Teacher

I started yoga in June 2016 due to me suffering from low self esteem and high levels of anxiety. It became apparent quite quickly the positive effects yoga was having on my life outside of the mat. After  a few months I knew I wanted to share this knowledge & practice to help people the way it has helped me. I completed my yoga teacher training over a year whilst still flying full time with Emirates Airline. Although it was tough I believe completing the course over one year only helped my teaching as it gave me time to implement and practice all I was learning. It also integrated me into the Dubai Fitness Community where I am currently covering at numerous studios & already taught my first workshop.
Functional Flows
Alongside yoga I also train in Calisthenics. Styles: Traditional Hatha & Vinyasa, fully rounded classes focused on moving & using your own body weight to work on mobility, strength, skill & flexibility. I aim to heighten people’s awareness of their own bodies, feel how it can move, where there is room to grow & see just how much they are capable of. It doesn’t stop with the body.
My themed classes also invite them to connect to & open their minds.