Slow Down, Live More!

When was the last time you felt completely calm; the last time you had nowhere to be
or to go; the last time you took it slow? Was it the sunset you watched while on
vacation, or the time you saw stars shooting across the night sky?  

I personally feel that society today puts a lot of undue emphasis on multitasking and being busy, implying it’s the best way to live a full and meaningful life. In my mind, this
thinking is deeply flawed. If one can’t find time to relax, enjoy a massage or even a cup of coffee on a quiet morning without feeling guilty of unproductivity, what quality of
life is one really living?  

The world is so full of worries and unending to-do lists that one finds it hard to simply catch a break. So much so, that to just stop the brain from thinking a thousand miles
an hour about a million things, many end up mindlessly watching TV, even if only to tire the brain enough to fall asleep.  

Such is the world of hyper-productivity that we live in. It’s all about efficiency and time saving. Yet the time we save seems to slip out of our hands.   We’re already thinking
about the next 10 tasks before completing the one at hand. Multitasking and going
about life’s chores; searching for moments of joy… if only we could learn to find it in
the very moment by noticing what’s going on around us and being grateful for where
we are.   I’ve discovered a few things that help me slow down. Meditation is naturally
one of them, so I have incorporated the practice into my daily routine. Other things I do involve being focused on the moment. For example, when I cook, I am only thinking
about the dish I’m preparing, noticing the changing colours and fragrances; when I
have my afternoon tea while lounging on the couch, I just watch the sun and wind play with the greens of my garden. These small things give me the space to calm down and revitalise.  

The other thing I’ve found to be very helpful is doing everyday things slowly; say no to the rush and take twice as long just to allow yourself to be in the moment and observe more. It’s challenging, especially when you have children and a family to attend to.
Nevertheless, this makes it more important for you to slow down and find time for yourself. Only when you put a pause to reset and re-energise, can you truly be in a state to connect with your family and share moments of joy.  

Now that Ramadan is around the corner, I’m sure most of us will enjoy the shorter
working days. I think it is the perfect opportunity to slow ourselves down to enjoy the
little things in life a little more. Perhaps take that sunset walk on the beach you’ve been meaning to go for, read a book that’s catching dust on your bookshelf, or simply notice the world around you; see the afternoon sunlight dance into your home while enjoying a nice cup of tea — or a cold drink, considering the weather.  

We often say that joy is found in the small details. I encourage you to take the
opportunity of this entire month to slow down. Take time to appreciate and show
gratitude for the small gestures of kindness and love that surround us. And I believe
that putting kindness and love into the world will only make it bounce back into your
life, adding to the many cherishable moments we all are blessed with.  

Join me this month to slow down, to really savour the gift of being alive and all that
we are grateful for! I’d love to know your ideas about how we could all slow down to
appreciate life a little more. I look forward to hearing about your experiences and the
things you enjoyed during this blessed month.  

Ramadan Kareem!

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