Spiritual teacher, Accredited life coach, Angelic Reiki Master, Access Bars Facilitator and a channel for The Divine

Dana is a spiritual teacher and an accredited life coach, as well as an Angelic Reiki Master, Access Bars Facilitator and a channel for The Divine. She is trained in a number of modalities and has developed her own healing and coaching technique. She is passionate about assisting her clients to learn essential lessons about how to live life harmoniously, co-creating joy, flow, and abundance with natural ease.

She combines her natural ability to offer acceptance and unconditional love with her extensive training while sharing Spiritual Truths and Processes to help clear blockages, obstacles and limiting beliefs. She has a natural ability create a safe and expansive environment where true transformation and lasting change occur.

It is her life calling to help all beings connect to and embody their higher self while navigating there way smoothly through the human experience, creating a reality here in the Earth realm where they can feel inspired and energized to live their best life, in joy, abundance, deep peace and fulfilment creating their perfect JENAYNA (small heaven) a Utopia here on earth.


During the retreat Dana will be guiding an opening ceremony, creating a golden dome of love, sovereignty and guidance attuned to kingdom of love and light to oversee and bless our retreat. All those present will be receiving an axitonal alignment and calibration and dedication to the highest healing possible. Dana will then be offering spiritual teaching on how to connect with and work with the elements air in order to assist us to create a life of deep peace and fulfillment, flow, joy and alignment where manifesting desires is organic and natural.

She will be offering a group angelic reiki healing, this shower of pure divine light will clear and cleanse our etheric, emotional, physical and energetic body, allowing light and breath to permeate every cell in our bodies, bringing about expansion and space in preparation to receive, flow and transform, breathing life and inspiration into our journey ahead.

Dana will also be closing our retreat with a ceremonial, lovingly giving thanks to the changes we have allowed in order to raise the frequency of the collective, and recalibrating the light, breath and love into our body through an attunement and DNA activation. We will also be performing a soul retrieval ceremony through a name chanting exercise, offering each other love through harmony and the vibration of our voiced in unison.