Jevily Florida

Yoga Teacher

After a successful time teaching all sports, dance & music as well as hands on experience in the events and hospitality industry, Jevily decided to move her passion for Yoga into teaching.

After practicing Bikram Yoga since 2008, Jevily grew into learning new skills and disciplines across all styles. This ever-changing passion and love to share her enthusiasm means taking pleasure in watching students grow and develop their own techniques.

Animal/pet that I own: Ernie the Chipug

Karaoke go-to song: Let’s get Louuuud by JLO!

Favorite childhood memory: My Mum taught me how to cook in our restaurant in the public market “palengke girl” and sold them.

Introvert or Extrovert? Very Extrovert LMAO

What is your spirit animal? Cheetah

My role is… Keep spreading my positive energy, because energy is everything.

What keeps her inspired? “Fresh AIR. Every ….. DAY when the Sun is rising! Another day to fulfill what I want to do in life. To share my passion and what I love to do. Feeling alive and grateful for another day of adventures, life experiences in this wonderful planet called “ the EARTH”! Daghang Salamat :)”