Yoga Teacher

Marina teaches calisthenics, mobility and handstand classes. She started calisthenics when I was going through the divorce. She was in the process of rediscovering myself. She wanted to be a stronger and better version of herself. And calisthenics challenged her and gave her the mental and physical strength she needed. She has also been practicing yoga as well for years before that. What she loves about calisthenics is that it requires no equipment except bars or rings, it helps to build incredible body awareness and requires time and patience. Yes, it is not your typical HIIT class. Calisthenics requires attention, mind body connection and awareness of every muscle in your body. It might sound complicated but it is very rewarding.

My inspiration is: love, dancing, painting, travel

One tech device I couldn’t live without: IPhone

If I could meet a famous person, it would be… Al Pacino

How do you recharge? Usually I listen to the music and dance

What keeps her inspired? When she tries to do something new, when she meets her lovely friends, when she reads books.