Yoga Teacher | Kirtaneer | Singer


Sneha, received authentic exposure to Yoga at a very young age from many masters and schools of Yoga in India, She did her formal 1 year long training at The Yoga Institute, the oldest school of Yoga in 2006. Today she represents them in the UAE and has been running the 200 & 300 Hour Yoga trainings as their affiliate in Dubai since 3 years.

Apart from being a Yoga teacher, she has been trained as an Indian Classical singer and has been drawn to Bhakti Yoga since her youth as well. Her first Mantra Album was out in 2002 and with the blessings of her Guru, she has conducted Mantra, meditation and Bhakti Yoga sessions in different countries like India, Turkey, Bali, U.S, and France and in Yoga Studios, in Dubai.

Her soulful voice immersed in devotion has touched a lot of people. Being fortunate to be part of Yoga fests like Sedona Yoga Festival, in the U.S and Paramarth Niketan in India, she has lead Bhakti Yoga sessions for lot of participants in the fests.

Her you tube channel, YOGIHEARTS has peaceful Mantras and Bhajans, uplifting spiritual songs and soon will be available on Spotify and the app of The Yoga Institute.