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Yoga Teacher

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.” ~ by Rumi

A dedicated Vinyasa Flow practitioner, Samah began her yoga journey 10 years ago when she discovered a good one hours stretch well complemented her fitness regime. On and off practice, it was only when she left her fast paced PR job to turn full time mom, postpartum depression led her to dwell deeper on the mat – she soon found a new world that spelled happiness, peace, compassion, agility and balance all in abundance. And ever since, there has been no looking back – she achieved her true intention in life which came with an intense longing to share. Samah believes in the power of mind and body bound together and hopes to radiate that on to the world.

Samah draws inspiration from movement and sequences that pushes her to face fears and hesitations, to take on challenges and grow beyond limitations. She is drawn by the breath, the stillness and the energy, the power to do anything or nothing at all without being judged or compared. She loves how she can transfer the mat mindset into her daily life.


Yoga Teacher – Hatha, Yin, Pranayama & Meditation Classes
I absolutely love teaching! Teaching is like meditation to me, i get sort of in a trance. I also love that moment where you observe the student transform emotionally, mentally and physically from when they enter the class to when they leave. That is when you experience the transformative power of yoga.

I was working at a corporate job and decided to take a sabbatical to “get fit” through a yoga teacher training! I had barely done any full yoga sessions before. Meditation and spirituality have been taught to me from a young age but rarely the physical part. It was the most amazing experience. After that i started going to classes to slowly teaching on the side to turning it into a full time job!

My favorite yoga is Chakrasana.

I teach Hatha flow, yin yoga, vinyasa, kids yoga, meditation and pranayama

All About me (choose only items 2 items max)
Must-have Smartphone apps? Sudoku, Calendar, Notes, Instagram!
Favorite sport: Basketball

Either OR (choose only questions 2 max)
Night or Day? Day!!
Invisibility or Shapeshifting? Shapeshifting

Hypothetical What-Ifs (choose 1 question)
If I could meet a famous person, it would be.. Jennifer Lopez

A little bit more about yourself (Choose 1 Question)
This year’s soundtrack: Relax, take it easyyy!
I’m most likely to be found.. sitting in a cute cafe reading

What keeps you inspired?
When i spend time alone with my self doing things that i truly connect with, i feel inspired. I absolutely love to learn new things like the piano, gardening, painting. Once i begin to get “in the zone”, in that moment i feel energy pulsing within me and that feeling is what keeps me going. I think its really important to do things with love and to stay inspired daily!


Her passion in life is to grow daily with my practice and to inspire people around her.

Jivamukti yoga is a modern yoga direction, born and formed in America. The founders of Jivamukti –Sharon and David created a unique method of transferring the knowledge of this practice – Jivamukti yoga – which includes five principles: ahimsa (nonviolence), bhakti (veneration, respect), meditation, nada (sound), sastra (study of yogic texts). The method is based on the principle of Vinyasa krama, i.e. conscious connection of breathing and movement of the body.

By embodying the basic principles of Jivamukti yoga, in her classes, Alyona inspires those who are engaged in comprehending yoga not only as a physical aspect also as a spiritual practice, transforming the traditional methods of yoga into modern life and encouraging self-knowledge. Alyona has a kriya yoga initiation from Guru Shri Shailendra Sharma (India).

“With enough power of concentration on sequences, breathing thru the posture and practicing regularly will bring you to that yoga statement of The Moment where you feel absolutely in harmony. That is what you bring to your daily life and my target is to give you that platform for you to achieve that state of body and mind.”

Karaoke go-to song:
Love me tender- Elvis Presley

What song do you know all the lyrics to?
Love me tender- Elvis Presley

Which TV show would you star in?
Ford Bayard

If I had my own clothing line, it would be called…





  • Tonya Colson

    Tonya Colson

    “I’ve been going to this yoga studio since the week it first opened... it was the studio I was waiting for! Great location and easy parking, beautiful facilities (love the soft floors and the salt wall), top notch instructors and a variety of classes all day, every day. I can always fit in a class, regardless of my daily schedule because there is so much to choose from. I highly recommend Inspire Yoga!”
  • Marcia Gui

    Marcia Gui

    “I’ve tried several different studios around Dubai and Inspire is by far the best! The teachers at Inspire are all very experienced and teach at a very high level. They have a lot of different classes for different levels and styles, so plenty to choose from. There’s a really friendly vibe in the studio what makes me feel very welcome and work my best.”
  • Marie Griffiths

    Marie Griffiths

    “I have been a member since 2016 and just love the studio...the atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff and members, the amazing teachers, the mix of classes and just the whole vibe of the studio. What is a great bonus for me is how the studio has classes at 6:30 which allows me to attend before work! Inspire you are just superb...keep on doing what you do.”



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