Alyona K.

Yoga Teacher

Her passion in life is to grow daily with my practice and to inspire people around her.

Jivamukti yoga is a modern yoga direction, born and formed in America. The founders of Jivamukti –Sharon and David created a unique method of transferring the knowledge of this practice – Jivamukti yoga – which includes five principles: ahimsa (nonviolence), bhakti (veneration, respect), meditation, nada (sound), sastra (study of yogic texts). The method is based on the principle of Vinyasa krama, i.e. conscious connection of breathing and movement of the body.

By embodying the basic principles of Jivamukti yoga, in her classes, Alyona inspires those who are engaged in comprehending yoga not only as a physical aspect also as a spiritual practice, transforming the traditional methods of yoga into modern life and encouraging self-knowledge. Alyona has a kriya yoga initiation from Guru Shri Shailendra Sharma (India).

“With enough power of concentration on sequences, breathing thru the posture and practicing regularly will bring you to that yoga statement of The Moment where you feel absolutely in harmony. That is what you bring to your daily life and my target is to give you that platform for you to achieve that state of body and mind.”

Karaoke go-to song: Love me tender- Elvis Presley

What song do you know all the lyrics to? Love me tender- Elvis Presley

Which TV show would you star in? Ford Bayard

If I had my own clothing line, it would be called… •Atha•