Yoga Teacher - Hatha, Yin, Pranayama & Meditation Classes

I absolutely love teaching! Teaching is like meditation to me, i get sort of in a trance. I also love that moment where you observe the student transform emotionally, mentally and physically from when they enter the class to when they leave. That is when you experience the transformative power of yoga. 

I was working at a corporate job and decided to take a sabbatical  to “get fit” through a yoga teacher training! I had barely done any full yoga sessions before.  Meditation and spirituality have been taught to me from a young age but rarely the physical part.  It was the most amazing experience. After that i started going to classes to slowly teaching on the side to turning it into a full time job! 

My  favorite yoga is Chakrasana

I teach Hatha flow, yin yoga, vinyasa, kids yoga, meditation and pranayama

  • All About me (choose only items 2 items max)
    1. Must-have Smartphone apps? Sudoku, calendar, notes, instagram! 
    2. Favorite sport: basketball 
  • Either OR (choose only questions 2 max)
    1. Night or Day? Day!! 
    2. Invisibility or Shapeshifting? Shapeshifting


  • Hypothetical What-Ifs (choose 1 question)
    1. If I could meet a famous person, it would be.. Jennifer Lopez 


  • A little bit more about yourself (Choose 1 question)


  1. This year’s soundtrack: relax, take it easyyy 
  2. I’m most likely to be found.. sitting in a cute cafe reading 

What keeps you inspired?

When i spend time alone with my self doing things that i truly connect with, i feel inspired. I absolutely love to learn new things like the piano, gardening, painting. Once i begin to get “in the zone”, in that moment i feel energy pulsing within me and that feeling is what keeps me going. I think its really important to do things with love and to stay inspired daily!