Relationship and Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Vinana Dance Group

Nicola has been working as a relationship and life coach, hypnotherapist and emotional bodyworker for the past 10 years. Where she has helped thousands of individuals and couples around the world online, at retreats and in Dubai, UAE. Nicola has a very popular save your marriage podcast show on Itunes, Spotify and many other podcast platforms is a best-selling co-author in 4 books and creator of 2 award-winning audio programs: Empowered Love Formula and Self-Confidence Secrets. As Nicola’s work helping others to break free from anxiety, fear, indecision, emotional pain and low self-esteem can be quite intense, she created Vinana – to promote health and vitality in a fun, uplifting and exciting way. To get to know Nicola and her work better feel free to join her two facebook communities.

Dance and Meditation Group


Relationship and Life Coaching Group



At the retreat Nicola will facilitate a releasing and celebration dance party followed by a powerful opening into life meditation. She will also run a life empowerment workshop on how to build and maintain a high energy positive upbeat vibe daily.